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If you are interested in becoming Op, talk to me about it, and bear in mind that it's almost impossible to get.  DO NOT do what these idiots did at our TFC spawn:

They also thought I'd be impressed if they smashed all the windows in the hut, replaced some of the signs with blank ones, removed the plank stairs, make holes in the perimeter fence, swear telling everyone to F*** **F, and other stuff....

Apparently THAT was their application!

I get the feeling they're in for a lifetime of unemployment....

Maybe they were trying to intimidate us?  "Give us op or we'll come in and destroy everything!" kinda thing.  Kinda like extortion or blackmail.....smashing a restaurant window, then turning up later to offer protection etc?  Well, it's backfired for you 2.  Very slightly.........

Ok, so gator1022 ( and rocker1234567891 ( from Chandler/Phoenix, Arizona, USA, not only are you NOT getting OP, you are now name and IP-banned from each of our 5 servers....  for LIFE (http://permabans.kewlmcserver.net).  And the same goes for any new servers we make, even if they have nothing to do with Minecraft.

Also I am about to write a formal letter of complaint to your ISPs; Qwest and Cox and inform as much of the Minecraft community as possible about your antics.  At the same time I would also contact your local police dept and perhaps local FBI field office.  Give me a reason.  You have no idea who you've screwed with.....

And it seems those 2 idiot script-kiddies, with their little precanned mods that allowed them to overrun the spawn protection, have a history of this kind of thing:

(from: http://www.mineplex.com/forums/m/11929946/viewthread/12433973-gator1022-hacking-in-ssm)

On their first visit they manage to break our 3 most basic (and reasonable) rules, despite having seen them....

Suffice it to say, this has forced my hand into finally making the servers...all of them...

* Whitelist-only

* 18+ (maybe even 21, not sure yet)

If you don't like it, take it up with those 2 idiots.

As for future problems like this; the WL and age restriction should limit it, plus I've finally put Towny on that server (and taking a few secret measures too) :)

Apologies if you were cought up or affected by any of their antics, let us know what happened.


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