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Hey there all! My names Thomas, go ahead and call me Tom or Thomas or whatever youd like my minecraft in game name is Thouse111, so if you see me log in you now know who i am! Id like to say thanks for accepting me to this already great looking community! I intend to make a lot of new friends here, and hope to have a great time. Im 18 years old and look forward to meeting everyone else apart of this community! I also look forward to start a youtube lets play on one of the servers or all if possible, time prohibited of course! Anyways thanks again! See you all soon.


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Hello Tom, I hope you have a great time on the server. If you ever do require help, feel free to give me a shout and I shall try help out. If not, I have a sharp poking stick for poking hank xD


Role on KewlMCServer: Admin and CHD (Chief Hole Digger)

Please contact me if you have any problems/questions/ or would like a hole dug :P



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