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Entire FAQ

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    This is Draft 1

    FAQ 1.02     March 15, 2011




    Q) What is this all about?


    A) This is the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document for the KMCS server.  The server is also known as KewlMCserver, and is

    aiming to be the premier Minecraft server of the entire community.  Worldwide.  Yeah, that's all. :P






    Q) What is Minecraft?


    A) I'll let the game's creator answer that question.


    This does a decent job of explaining too en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minecraft


    If you haven't already played it.  You're seriously missing out.  It didn't just win all those Indie game awards for the sake of it.






    Q) Why should I play at your server and not elsewhere?


    A) Coz all the other places suck. :>  Only kidding.


    Here's the About page.

    incase you haven't already seen it, but I can also add....


    You should play here because every bit of user feedback I've got so far about the server has been overwhelmingly positive,

    even when I wasn't expecting it and apparently underestimated the strength of the server myself.

    Here are some testimonials.

    If people are impressed so far, they've seen nothing.  The server, site and community is just gonna get better and better.

    I have so many ideas.  Some of them actually good :P


    A lot of important lessons have been harvested running this server and previously as an admin on a few other people's servers.

    I am working diligently to impart those lessons to the rest of the admin and moderator teams, so everyone associated with

    the running of the server has an optimal idea of what they should and shouldn't do.


    The server is run from a VPS company not a home-computer.  So immediately there's much better performance and reliability.


    You'll find a friendly and welcoming community here, an extensive range of plugins and commands (link), that are properly configured

    (unlike many other places).  You'll also find a dedicated, knowledgable, professional and attentive mod and admin team.  We are extremely interested in your opinions and are in the process of adding an extensive collection of feedback forms to guage your opinions about how we do things and how they may be improved.







    Q) Do I need to pay anything?


    A) Only if you want to.


    You can upgrade your default, standard account on the server to a premium account at any time.  There are many benefits of this.


    You're also feel free to make donations.

    The server costs real money and quite a bit of time and effort to sustain, so these are always appreciated.


    We have an ingame currency called SpiderDollars which you can use to buy and sell stuff with.  SDs can be earned ingame

    or if you're in a bit of a hurry you can buy Top-Ups right here on the site.



    Oh, and there's a shop too if you feel like a fashionable "Lgot has Pen0rbreath" sweater or "Hank" bib for your baby :P






    Q) How do I join or play?


    A) You can join the server or site right now, it's very simple and quick.


    If you want to play immediately just enter kewlmcserver.com (without the quotes) in your Minecraft client software and

    you'll be there in a few seconds.


    You don't have to join the site, unless you want to fully participate in the forums (you'll be able to "lurk" AND post).


    We would however encourage you to register at the forums just incase you run into any problems on the server.  Also,

    I am willing to give every new member 10,000 SD once they become regulars (15 hrs of play) if they register via the JOIN US form.

    You must have joined with the JOIN US form at the start though!  So do it now if you want that 10k SD :P







    Q) Ok, I'm in, gimme bilding rits!!!


    A) In order to get building rights you need to upgrade your rank from "newbie" to "player".  This is free.


    You do this in the game by typing /rules


    Read the rules and agree to them by writing /y (or /yes).  


    You will then have building rights.  Please don't build too close to other ppl's stuff (10 - 15 blocks is close enough).






    Q) Can I get promotion?


    A) Please read the stuff in the "Info Hut" - it says to NEVER ask for promotion.  

    If you really want promotion I suggest you read this.

    there are tips there about how to become a respected member of the community and find favour with the staff.


    You can also formally apply for Mod or Admin status here.





    Q) Who are the current mods and admins?


    A) Please look in the Info Hut for list of mods and admins.






    Q) Have you ever dismissed a mod or admin?


    A) Sadly a few times.  This is in large part my fault for giving out mod and admin roles too readily and not giving them everything

    they needed to performs those roles optimally.  Lessons have been learned.







    Q) Where is Info Hut?


    A) We'll be adding it at or near spawn very shortly.  Write /spawn to get to your initial spawning location.






    Q) I'm lost, help?


    A) Write /spawn or /home


    You could also ask a mod or admin to send you to a friend who isn't lost.  But I advise you not to overdo these requests.






    Q) Yo mod, I need pickaxe!?


    A) NO freebies at all I'm afraid.  You'll need to buy the pickaxe or make it.  It's not that difficult :)


    Besides where's the challenge of getting everything handed to you? :)


    Remember this is an authentic hardmode survival server.






    Q) What is the best thing I should do when arriving at this server?


    A) Good question, thanks for asking.  I strongly suggest finding somewhere you want to build then writing /sethome command that way you can always tp back in an instant no matter what happens, if you get lost etc.  Remember to build your shelter fast (even if it's just a hole in the ground!), because the monsters come out at night.  Maybe someone will let you stay in their house overnight if you don't get time to make a shelter and if you ask nicely, offer money etc.  But remember, it's upto them.  Also I suggest you write /help command to see a list of commands you can write.  And read everything at the Info Hut near spawn.  Also read stuff in the Rules Hut (once the huts are added).  And if you want, look at the website.

    (This / kewlmcserver.webs.com)




    Q) I'm new to this game, nothing makes sense at all....????


    A) Read minecraftwiki.net


    lots of good info there.  Also try looking at tutorials on Youtube or Google Videos





    Q) How do I buy and sell stuff?


    A) With money, herp derp!  Look at this for specifics.  If you have no money someone might be willing to exchange materials with you....e.g. sand for wood, cobblestone for coal, whatever....


       A good way to carry out these deals is to meet each other at spawn.





    Q) Can I make my own shop?


    A) Yeah.  lol.





    Q) Can I destroy ppl's stuff / grief?


    A) Admin: Welcome to pink status - Hank: you're banned, cya *waves*.  PS I might report you all over the Minecraft forums too :P


       Don't even joke about griefing.  :(





    Q) Is there any danger of me being griefed or having anything stolen from my chests?


    A) We have a zero tolerance stance towards that particular role being broken, so anyone who gets caught is playing a dangerous game.  Also literally everything on the server gets logged, so they will be caught.  There's also a very strong chance we'll let people in other forums and on other servers know about the culprits, providing evidence too.



    However, if you're a member of a town or use SDs to buy protected land claims then you being a victim of griefing should be impossible.  If you prefer to be a lone wolf and don't want to pay for protected land then you do run the risk of falling prey to griefers I'm afraid.  If you play this way then perhaps you could setup an elaborate system of traps around your home that only you know about, so if anyone does try to get too close, they, well, die....basically lol

    This is substanitally easier to do now, from Minecraft 1.3, that we can build dispensers (which can function as arrow launchers)


    NOTE: We do run autobackups every hour so we can restore lost/damaged things if desperately needed.  This however, is not very welcome.  If the restore doesn't cause anyone to lose work they've done in last hour we're much more likely to do it for you, especially if you've been heavily griefed, or if multiple parties have fallen victim.


    Chests are protected via the /cprivate and /lwc commands which everyone has access to.  If you protect your chests then no-one can steal from them.  You could also try hiding your chests.







    Q) Are there mobs?  Monsters?  Night?


    A) YES, YES and YES.  This is a Hard-mode survival server.  You will see animals, monsters and nighttime.


       Sometimes we might skip nights if enough ppl are using the bed feature at once.



    Q) Can squids harm me?

    A) No.


    Q) Is PvP (Player versus Player killing) on?


    A) In some towns yes, in others no.  It's upto THAT town's Mayor.


       Everywhere else it varies from time to time, at the moment it's....ask someone online.





    Q) Is the stuff I build protected?


    A) To reiterate; if you're a member of a town and you build on that town's land, then yes.  Otherwise no.  Not by default anyway.

       However, if you lose anything you've built, you should never lose more than 1 hour of work as backups happen automatically every hour


       So don't panic if anything bad happens.  Report it to a mod or admin and we'll help you.


       Also I'm planning to allow people to buy land-claims even if they're outside towns.  This is done with SpiderDollars (SD).

       SD can be obtained within the game by trading or bought via Top-Ups here on the website.





    Q) Is there a map for this server I can see?


    A) Yes, it'll be generated automatically once or twice a day.  However, you need to be a premium member to access it.

       See this for upgrading information.





    Q) What's website for this server?


    A) kewlmcserver.webs.com  - sometimes kewlmcserver.com is used as backup for posting emergency info.





    Q) Can I explore as far out as I want?


    A) I would love to say yes, but sadly we need to keep map sizes under control so excessive pressure isn't placed on server, so to that end we're using the BorderLands plugin to make sure ppl can't go outwards forever.  Don't worry though, map is still HUGE.





    Q) What are the commands I can use?


    A) Write /help for good, but incomplete list.  Also remember to put a ? (question mark) after each command for instructions on how to use it.  List can also be found here.

       Remember the commands you have available to you are determined by your rank.


    However this can be upgraded somewhat at any time.





    Q) Can I make my own town or nation?


    A) Ask an Admin to do it for you, just tell them where you want it, what it should be called and who the Mayor is.

       They will ask you.


       They should get to you within a few minutes, if they don't, let me know please.


       But please don't mess them about, try to have the answer to their questions before you call them over.


       As for Nations; you need a few towns to merge together to form one, so see if any other Mayor wants to go in with your town to start a nation.  The guideline at the moment, is 3 towns with 5 residents between them to start 1 nation.


       I strongly encourage people to be part of towns, to start towns and to form nations for a number of reasons.

       Here's some documentation on TownyMod the plugin used for towns stuff.




    Q) Max number of players at once?


    A) I hope for about 40 slots.  More likely 30 - 40 to start with.  I also hope to expand this, possibly by quite a large amount.





    Q) "I took a sick screenshot, how can I share with everyone"?


    A) Feel free to upload it.

       Please be sure to upload to the right album, or feel free to make your own.


       Or if you want to discuss it in depth for whatever reason, start a thread in the forums.


    NOTE: Anyone uploading anything illegal gets instantly banned and reported though, please keep that in mind.

       Also remember that we extensively log everything that happens here (and the IP addresses of who's doing it)





    Q) Hank, can I join your town?


    A) Maybe.  What can you offer us? :P  Good builder?



    Please don't feel obliged to join my town though.  I wanna play just like you guys, and not to have any unfair advantages just

    because I'm the owner.  I suspect most of the other admins will feel the same way too.





    Q) Hank can I live with you in your house on the server?


    A) Uhhhh, not really....well, wait, how sexy is your skin?

    Actually that could prove to be distracting lol.





    Q) How do I film stuff, I wanna make my own videos?



    A) I use FRAPS which produces an absolutely HUGE file, then you can edit and compress it with Windows Movie Maker.


    I used to use VirtualDub too, but I CBA anymore with that really.  Some people also swear by Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects (hope you have deep pockets)






    Q) How do I take screenshots of stuff?


    A) Press F1





    Q) How do I remove the HUD, I wanna take a pic and that stupid inventory bar's getting in the way.


    A) Press F2






    Q) How do I switch to the external view of myself?


    A) Press F5





    Q) Any more kewl things you can press?


    A) F8.  But remember to press F8 again to switch it back to normal.






    Q) How to make my own skins and maybe share with others?


    A) Google for a program called SkinEdit.  It's kewl, I make my skins with it.  Yes, my skins suck, but that's besides the point :P






    Q) I'm seeing chunk errors...????


    A) You could try to relog (disconnect, then reconnect).  Before you do that; just for fun try placing torches around the hole then you can make a kinda bridge through the gap.  Ask me or Teals to show you next time you see one.  Yes, it really works and looks awesome.






    Q) Why ask for IRL money?


    A) It costs real money to do all this.  Also a fair bit of time, and not all of it is fun.





    Q) If I ever send you money for any reason can I get a refund?


    A) No sorry.  Make 100% sure you want what you're paying for.  This is also why I've made the individual amounts of each transaction fairly small, so there's never seriously large sums of money changing hands that you find youself seriously regretting.






    Q) What do all these abbreviations I'm seeing everywhere mean?


    A) See this handy glossary of terms.






    Q) How big is the map?


    A) It's supposed to be 4000 x 4000 blocks (and of course the standard 128 or so from bedrock to ceiling).


    Remember each block is 1 metre across (3.33 feet) so that'd make the map 4km (2.5 miles) on each side.


    If you want some more nerdiness....


    16,000,000 square blocks....about 2 billion cubic blocks.


    16 square km, 6.25 square miles, about uhhhh, *pensive expression*, 1 cubic km or uhhhh, I guess about 0.4 cubic miles 8)


    Enough for ya?  No, work out nanometres yourself *jk*






    Q) Life expectancy of this map?


    A) I'm hoping this one lasts us for many months.  And that it reaches the end of it's life because we've simply outgrown it.


    The map is huge as seen above, so that's likely to take quite a while.






    Q) Can I get a copy of this map?


    A) You can get either a JPEG image of the map or an actual backup copy of the world itself, IF you have an upgraded "Premium Account"





    Q) I keep losing connection!?


    A) Could be a few things.  Are you getting an error message?  Maybe you're getting a timeout.  

    If you're not seeing an error message I can check the logs to see if it gives one this end.





    Q) Someone isn't replying to me.


    A) Maybe they're busy.  Maybe they're AFK (Away from Keyboard).  Don't assume the worst.


    Although I think it's common courtesy to say,

    "1 sec" if they are busy, sadly not everyone does.






    Q) Why are the admins pissed at me!?


    A) IDK.  Do something to piss them off?  Maybe lots of little rule-breaking as opposed to anything big?

    Have you ever ignored them when they're trying to ask you something or say hello?


    If they're not replying maybe they're not pissed with you (see above).  If they do have some problem, they'll tell you if you ask.  Here's reminder of the rules just incase.









    Q) Is being AFK against the rules?


    A) Officially no.  But individual mods and admins might kick you for it, personally I won't, but if they do, it's upto them.  If I'm not there and they are, then you're outta luck I'm afraid.  I find it's best to go offline when I have to AFK anyway, a quick, "BRB" (Be Right Back), then logout usually suffices.  That way there's no scope for misunderstanding with other ppl, no chance a monster can get you, and no chance of you being PvP'ed.


    I'm only likely to kick an AFK person if all the player slots are taken and need to make way for someone of higher rank or something like that.  I hope to automate this process quite soon though.  So it'll be the server who's kicking AFK ppl sometimes.







    Q) How do I stop crashing?


    A) Don't drive so fast or at least remove the blindfold before getting in the car.


    Other than that; you need to tell people, which can include us, or other people on forum, or whatever, exactly what is happening.  Any error messages etc.  Usually a quick way to solve crashes however is to go into Minecraft's options

    screen and set "Render Distance" to normal instead of far.





    Q) I can't login!?


    A) Be more specific.





    Q) Where can I build?


    A) Anywhere you want, within reason.





    Q) Where can't I build?


    A) You can't build in Spawn, on/in other people's stuff, outside the physical boundaries of the map (although that'd be kewl to witness if u could :P)


    Also it is strongly advised you don't build closer to other ppl's stuff than about 15 blocks.  There's plenty of space in the map!





    Q) Can I make vids of the server - of either my own or other people's stuff?


    A) Sure, it's encouraged.  And if the vids are good enough I'll be happy to award you with ArtistVIP status.  You can upload them to Youtube, then submit the URL here.





    Q) Can I take screenshots of the server - of either my own or other people's stuff?


    A) Sure, why not?  You can then upload them here if you want.





    Q) Can I introduce friends to this server and site?


    A) It's encouraged.  Also, I'm gonna work out an affiliate scheme (link), whereby I actively reward people for introducing others to

    the server.





    Q) How to make plugins?


    A) You'll need to learn a programming language called Java.  Once you have a basic handle (no pun intended) on the programming

    stuff you'll need to get an idea of how the hMod (or Bukkit if you're that way inclined) APIs work (link).


    If you get into this stuff, give me a shout, I'd be curious to see how you progress and maybe we could even work on

    stuff together if you'd like.






    Q) I keep dying, help!?


    A) Yeah, it's called Minecraft Survival Server.


    Few quick tips:


    Don't spend too much time hang about in the open at night.


    Wear armour.  The stronger the material it's made of, the better.


    Carry weapons.  Make a priority out of getting yourself a bow and arrows.  Will make taking mobs out, esp creepers so much less painful.


    Have food and ideally carry some around with you, for when you get injured.


    Carry an ample supply of torches around with you and don't wander around in dark places without putting down torches.


    Build fences or at least outer walls to keep monsters at a safe distance.





    Q) Where is server located?


    A) A datacentre in Germany I believe.





    Q) What is IP address?


    A) kewlmcserver.com






    Q) Why are you not using a number for server's IP?


    A) Don't need to.  And yeah, it's technically a hostname not an IP, but it still works.  Just saves you the hassle of having to

    remember a number.





    Q) Why don't you use a proper domain name for site?


    A) The proper domain (kewlmcserver.com) is in use by the server itself.  We could use it for website too and it probably

    wouldn't reduce server performance that much, it's just that it's a pain to arrange.  Might try and figure a way of doing

    it later.  Know of a pain-free method?





    Q) I've designed an awesome logo for you guys.  Can we use it for the server/site?


    A) Let's see it then....maybe put it in the screenshots and photos section? (link)






    Q) Whole server seems to be down!?


    A) Please diagnose the problem in this order:


    1) Take note of any error message that is displayed to you.  If no error message, then what happens exactly?  Black screen?


    2) Check minecraft.net.  If it's down then that's almost certainly the problem and you can't do much apart from

    wait or play single player until they fix it.  It'll affect all servers BTW, not just us.


    3) If minecraft.net isn't down, then see if there are any threads discussing it on the forums of this site.  


    4) If not, feel free to start one.  If there is then feel free to post there and join the discussion, perhaps including details gained in

    step #1.


    5) Ask if anyone has sent me an IM about it.  If not, then arrange between you to send me ONE IM about it.  Telling me 1000 times isn't

    gonna solve problem any faster.


    With the combination of new thread/posts and an IM about it, I'll notice very quickly and start trying to fix it......unless, I'm asleep. :/


    Over the coming days and weeks I plan to give SeniorAdmins much more power to deal with this stuff for me, so people don't have

    to wait around and be dependant solely on me.







    Q) How to start my own server?


    A) Hahaha.  Don't :P


    Seriously, if you wanna do it properly it's very hard work.


    However, if you want something really really simple for just you and 2 other buddies or so you might be able to get

    away with that with very little effort.  A monkey can setup a vanilla Minecraft server running on their home computers

    in a few minutes, but as I said; it'll be very simple, actually, borderline garbage.  If you want something more ambitious, well....


    You need to ask yourself several questions.


    How many people do you want to cater to?


    Is it to be a standard vanilla server or one that will allow for plugins?


    Where do you want to host it?


    How much time do you have to invest in it?


    and so on, which in turn leads to even more questions.  Many, many, many questions.








    Q) Who made spawn and the jail?


    A) Yet to be determined.  We officially don't have proper spawn or jail on this new map.  Will soon though.






    Q) How many maps has this server had before?


    A) I've lost count.  Some of them were pretty good too.  One was actually near-awesome.







    Q) What happened to the old server maps?


    A) Accidentally deleted some that I was convinced I'd backed-up, killed one in fit of rage.







    Q) Is there any danger of map being lost and me losing my work?


    A) Small chance.  Tiny in fact.  The map is automatically backed-up every hour and I download the map sometimes so we have an offline copy.


    Also some admins will have access to the map very soon, and they maybe able or willing to grab offline copies of it more often than me.


    If you want to be 100% sure of never losing your stuff, then make sure you protect everything you make and upgrade your account.

    People with upgraded accounts, for example; Silver, Gold, Platinum status (link), have access to the map, so they can also grab

    offline copies.  This can also be pretty handy if you ever feel like playing in on singleplayer for whatever reason.





    Q) Can I make spawn for you guys?


    A) If you think you can make something REALLY special, and run it by us first, sure.  This was our last one.  Can you compete with that? :P





    Q) Length of bans?


    A) Anything from a suspension lasting several minutes to forever.  Just don't risk it.  Here's a reminder of the Rules and Regs






    Q) How do you deal with troublemakers?


    A) Hang them.  Uhhh, no.  Depends on the offence mainly.  If we're sure they've broken a rule; punishment depends on which rule it was and what their attitude is - are they repentant for example, are they making excuses, are they trying to shift the blame, are they lying about it.  Also by repetant I don't mean a simple apology, although that is a start.


    We have a very long and fun (for the admins and mods anyway) list of dealing with them, such as:


    * Ability to kick people from the server,

    * Ability to ban people for varying lengths of time

    * Ability to mute them so no-one else can see what they're typing,

    * Ability to to freeze them in place so they can't walk anywhere,

    * Additionally we have the ability to remotely kill them,

    * Ability to drop stuff on them

    * Ability to set them on fire

    * Ability to TNT them

    * Ability to surround them with spawned monsters

    * Ability to "maim" them,

    * Ability to to increase their hunger level,

    * Ability to write fake messages in chat like they'd done it (this could happen if we give them "Pink" status)

    * Ability to fine them

    * And lots of other stuff

    * We are also working on a jail for the server.  









    Q) Can I make a donation to one of the mods or admins I like?


    A) I'm working on it.  But any kinda "bribes" to sway them in any way will get you both into serious trouble.

    Make sure you remember that.  Best thing to do is hassle them to get Paypal accounts setup so they can receive payments.






    Q) Are you really called Hank?


    A) No.

    Q) Are you a Scorpio?

    A) lol no, Aries





    Q) What do you look like?


    A) Most handsome.





    Q) Where do you live?


    A) The UK/England.  That's enough questions about me now. :P






    Q) Will you sleep with me?


    A) Depends on what you look like, and how much you snore.






    Q) Someone is pissing me off on the server or site, what can I do?


    A) Tell a mod or admin, we'll deal with them.  In the meantime minimize contact with them.  Also try to record evidence

    of their wrongdoings if you can - screenshots, vids.  And remembering the times/dates of their transgressions will also help

    us deal with this for you.  Something you should NOT do is retaliate.  If you try to take revenge against them yourself,

    you'll lose our sympathy.  You'll probably make stuff worse if you try and get even.  It's our job to keep order.  

    Your responsibility is just not to make it worse.






    Q) Why don't you add or change xyz?


    A) If there's something you think we should do differently, or add to either the site or the server itself; let us know and we'll look into it.






    Q) Can I suggest a new forum section?


    A) You can suggest anything you want.  No guarantee it'll happen though :P


    I would like to see many more sections added to forums, so yeah, this has a strong chance of being implemented.






    Q) Can I add more questions for this list?


    A) Yes.  Use one of the feedback / contact forms under Communicate centre (link).

    Q) Why should I never ignore a mod or an admin?




    Why isn't it letting me build or destroy?


    There could be a few reasons.


    Are you sure you've left the spawn area?


    Are you in someone else's town?

    Write /town here to check


    It's possible th

  2. Where can I find Part 2?

    lol right here....


    Q) Why isn't it letting me build or destroy?

    A) There could be a few reasons.

    Are you sure you've left the spawn area?

    Are you in someone else's town?

    Write /town here to check

    It's possible the area has been cuboided, but only an admin would have done that and unless there's something very nice in the area that deserves to be protected this is actually one of the least likely reasons.

    Most likely you're brand new to the server and don't yet have building rights. If that is the case write /rules then agree to them. If you don't see any rules then get an admin or Hank to add you to users.txt. This means your rank will go from "Newbie" (who aren't allowed to build properly) to "Player" (who can).

    Q) What's the cauldron for?

    A) This is another feature of the excellent CraftBook plugin.

    Cauldrons allow you to make things from "recipes".

    Those recipes are predefined and exist in the server's config files.

    Example- you make a gold ore by placing 3 obsidian and 1 iron block in the cauldron then right-clicking it.

    PS yes we'll let people design their own recipes if they tell us how they want them. Bear in mind that this is also a Premium Member feature.

    Q) Why English language only?

    A) For 2 main reasons.

    1) So everyone has the option of communicating with everyone else, or at least understanding them.

    2) So I can make sense of the logs.

    Is it possible for us to design our own custom portal shapes or do they alway have to be those boring square shapes?

    Premium members can design almost any shape they want.

    Q) Is there a way to make Minecarts go really fast or uphill?

    A) Indeed there is. One of our plugins called CraftBook has a feature called cartboosters. You put a gold ore block under a piece of track and you get a 25% speed boost. Putting an actual gold block (made of 9 ingots) will give you an impressive 100% speed boost.

    Q) Do cartboosters have a cumulative effect?

    A) Lol I don't think so. The game seems to have a hardcoded speed limit. Could you imagine the insanity of having a bunch of 100% speed boosters right after each other in quick succession otherwise? *Losing lunch*

    Q) What is griefing?

    A) Causing people any kind of grief, but traditionally it means damaging/destroying stuff other people have built.

    Q) Why should I join website?

    A) Yes you should, because it'll make you a proper part of the community and give you the option to fully participate. So you'll be able to use the forums, send us comments and feedback, upload your screenshots and videos etc.

    Q) How do I expand town?

    A) Get people to join it. But you must always ask them first.

    NOTE: You can be banned IF you add someone to your town without their explicit permission. They need to agree first. And yes, you are allowed to bribe them to join lol.

    To actually expand the towns borders write /claim ?

    to see how it works. Don't forget that question mark.

    An example of usage is to write /claim toggle

    then to actually walk around hitting the land you want to claim.

    How big is each town claim block?

    16x16 Minecraft blocks (that's 256 in total).

    Q) How do I chat ingame?

    A) press t, then type your message, then hit enter.

    Do you have Teamspeak/Ventrillo/Skype etc?

    No, I don't do those things and I'm not interested.

    I don't want to hear high-pitched 12 year old voices screaming over my speakers, but thanks anyway.

    Q) What ranks does server have?

    A) The official ranks are: Pink, Newbie, Player, Regular, BuilderVIP, ArtistVIP, HelperVIP, AwesomeVIP, JuniorMod, SeniorMod, JuniorAdmin, SeniorAdmin

    Q) What rank is Hank?

    A) Technically SeniorAdmin.

    Are King, Queen and Emperor formal ranks?

    Nope. They are custom and reserved titles. The Teals have those titles due to donations not because of rank. Technically they are actually admins, as am I.

    Q) How do I get around?

    A) By foot, by boat, by cart, by portals/stargates.

    Or if your rank allows it; teleporting, magiccarpet, movecraft stuff. That stuff is also available to everyone via CommandRental.

    Q) Why am I lagging and what can I do about it?

    A) You should ask if anyone else is experiencing lag, if everyone else is then I probably need to restart server. Bug me or another admin to do it.

    HOWEVER, if most people aren't lagging then you should try to "Relog" (disconnect, then reconnect). If that doesn't work try fully

    restarting Minecraft AND if that doesn't work restart computer.

    Now IF all that doesn't work, we need to talk lol. You could start a thread about it.

    Q) Can we make bridges, gates and doors etc?

    A) Yes, yes and yes.

    Q) When is it ok to speak to Hank on the server?

    A) Generally, never, unless it's just for a friendly chat and not a question or a problem. If there's a problem; look for a mod or another admin before you bother Hank. Also look on the website for possible answers. If you bother Hank unnessarilly you run the risk of being muted or even suspended. Hank has mods and admins for a reason. If you had a problem with your computer, would you bother Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? No, there's thousands of people between you and them. If you absolutely must speak to Hank, make it rare or use one of the feedback forms on the website (when they're eventually added). Hank does not want to log in for a nice relaxing game of Minecraft or to test something important only to have 8 people similtaneously scream at him and ask 12 different things of him. Be considerate. REMEMBER: mods, other admins and website.


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