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Server status - October 2011

Posted on October 2, 2011 at 9:45 AM

Wow, it's been a REALLY long time since I made a blog here, but thought I better had so I could say everything in the one place instead of trying to say everything spread out over many threads.  It's a bit of a long read, but hopefully you'll learn something new, interesting, useful :)

Firstly, we've been forced to start a new, new, new, new map, again.

And there's a very strong chance we'll have to do this again once 1.9 of Minecraft comes out.  We're at 1.8 now.  I'm sorry but I don't think this can be helped.  When new stuff is added by Notch, especially new block types, then new maps generally have to be started.

....So, basically either don't build anything that it'd kill you to lose, or if you want a copy of the map for yourself, that you can play offline, or on your own server or whatever, make sure you donate.  It helps cover our substantial costs every month.  And getting a copy of the map for yourself to play offline, in singleplayer is one of the many rewards for donators/upgraders :)

NB: We NEVER throw away old maps, we keep them archived just incase anyone wants them.

Also, I ask that, until we can put CanaryMod or Bukkit back on the server, that you stay within an area of about 1000 untis from spawn, 2000 at the absolute max.  You can press F3 to see where you are.  Also don't forget you can make maps with paper, redstone and iron.

Try to remember also that until we get CanaryMod or Bukkit the server is vulnerable to griefing so please remember these points:

1) Be on good terms with everyone, don't piss people off, don't kill people, don't steal from people or grief them.  I'm gonna keep PvP on for now, unless enough people want it removed, but remember if you kill people, you run the risk of pissing them off and they might retaliate by griefing you etc.

2) Make sure you tell us about problems.

3) Don't build too close to spawn unless you're willing to risk brand new people griefing your stuff.  It's upto you.  But also remember not to build beyond that 1000 boundary I mentioned. :)

4) Think about building your most important or valuable stuff underground, or so people can't see it.  You don't have to, but if people can't see it, they can't grief it, right?

5) Absolutely remember to hide your chests somehow.  If people see your chests we cannot stop them from stealing until we get Canary/Bukkit back.  That might take a few weeks, or more.

Griefing is against the rules here, it's pointless dumb trolling and you run the risk of being banned or at least suspended if you do it.  At the very least you'll NEVER get the chance of being a mod or an admin if we think you're griefing.  Also, if you think someone is griefing you or anyone else, please get evidence, take a screenshot of the damage or ideally of them doing it, but please don't retaliate. 

Which takes me to the next point - we need a few new mods and 1 or 2 new admins. 

Being a mod, means you get extra commands, powers, respect etc.  Also it's the best way of eventually becoming an admin.  Admins on here are practically Gods.

If you want to apply for mod role then click on the "Recruiting" link at the top....see it?  You might want to explore the other links up there too....and don't forget about "SERVER DOWN???", if the server seems to be down for you, then feel free to use it.  You click it, then the "Contact Us" link.

If you want to be considered for admin then you will have to have had be around for at least a few months or have been a very competent mod for at least a few weeks.  Please don't ask if you don't think you fit that criteria.

Uhm, ok, there's nothing else to say for now.  Have fun and enjoy your stay here at KMCS! :)

Anyone else wanna add anything?  Questions?  Suggestions?  :)

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Reply Hankscorpiouk
12:58 PM on October 2, 2011 
Fabregas485 says...
Not too long of a read. When are you normally on the server btw?

Most likely afternoons and evenings (UK time), and pretty much any day.
Reply Fabregas485
12:40 PM on October 2, 2011 
Not too long of a read. When are you normally on the server btw?

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