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Posted on January 8, 2011 at 9:11 PM

I never thought I'd have to write this but......admins, you wanna, uhhhh, admin a little bit????

I don't wanna have to start demoting, but I''m very close to that right now.

The server and site have so many problems right now.  I can't fix them all on my own.  There aren't enough hours in each day and I don't see why I should anyway.  So now I'm on the edge of either doing a few admin/mod demotions or closing server down altogether.


* The German guys and what to do with their town; Haderpur?  I'd rather not destroy it, but it's a ghost town right now.  I think the last 2 residents have left now.  Ideas?

* The lack of chest logs.  This means I'm holding off on installing iConomy plugin.  People WILL cheat if we don't have proper chest logs.  Shooter70 was supposed to look for us, but has failed completely.  Any ideas?

* The insane size of map and whether or not we have enough memory for it or whether we need to restart it from scratch.  Is 3GB of RAM enough for 2300 x 2300 map?  We have BorderLands installed so it's not growing any larger, but maybe it's too large already.  Ideas?

* The lack of iConomy and Stargate / Portals.  These 2 would add so much to the server.  You wouldn't have to tp to each other anymore to do deals.  You could auction or sell to the shop etc.  Hell, you could even setup your own shops and let them do the work automatically even when you're offline. But, are these 2 plugins REALLY broken still after Beta?  Broken for everyone?  I was doing some server recon the other week (as some admins and a mod refused to do it for me) and found a server where they both worked.  Ideas?

* The logs being spammed with error messages and me getting emails from cron daemon about it.   Cron daemon has sent me serveral THOUSAND emails in last week about these problems.  Ideas?

* "/enableplugin Lookup".  Is this broken on all servers?  Doing that on ours causes server to lag for several minutes.

* Admins and mods who are either never there or don't understand even the basics of server.

Specifically; why the Hell did nobody do /enableplugin the whole day to fix /rules while I was SLEEPING?  Am I supposed to fix stuff while I'm asleep???

* Tthe huge drop-off in traffic.  I initially setup this server wanting 40+ slots, it's not happening so far.  The Germans leaving has made this even worse.  This is depressing.  I'm thinking somekind of competition to produce best video or posters might help.  The winners and runners-up could get Platinum, Gold and Silver accounts.  Although if an admin or mod wants to try something with Fraps or whatever, and it looks kewl, I'm not gonna argue :)

We've got plenty of awesome things on the map we can show off now.

There's many more problems I could list, but they are the main things.  If you wanna see more issues look at the previous blog called "priorities".  I have a list of about 40 things there.

The problem isn't that I can't fix that all myself, it's that there aren't enough hours in the day for me to do it all on my own quickly.....

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Reply Aaron DeWitt
10:26 PM on January 8, 2011 
Tell me what you need, i'll try harder.

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