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Slow but steady progress and server recon

Posted on December 29, 2010 at 12:59 AM

When I started these blogs I set out to write 1 or more per day, but seems I'm slipping a bit :P

Anyway, almost all the plugins I've set out to use are in place, but there remain a few stubborn ones.  I just cannot get them working so far. These are:

Stargate (the portals)

iConomy (money, auction, shops etc)

I don't know if Minecraft going to Beta has broken them or what.  Maybe I'm just doing something wrong.  It would help us enormously if you could do some recon; go to other servers and ask if their portals/stargate and iConomy is working.  Maybe everyone is in the same boat.

Getting these to work would be a massive victory for the server. :)

Apart from this it seems my advert at mcserverlist.net has paid off.  Literally dozens of new people have appeared on server since I placed this.  Yay!

We now have 4 towns and there's already discussion of a nation being formed.

I've never seen Nations in Minecraft, so I look forward to this :)

I'm about to add a metric buttload (yes that is correct unit of measurement) of Achievements that I've been amassing the last few days and there's now an extensive list of tips that appear ingame.  I have cauldrons working with a few recipes besides the default one.  So now you can MAKE things like gold ore if you can't be bothered going to look for it.  If you can think of Achievments we should add, then let me or an Admin know, or mention it in the forums in the right thread.

I also concluded that I should let you contribute to the "readable books" that Craftbook offers.

Try right-clicking on a bookshelf and you'll see what I mean.  If you want to enter your own book here (actually just a few lines or paragraphs of text) about pretty much anything you want, then send me or an Admin the text or put it on the forum - I'm going to create a thread in a minute inviting books.

Bridges, lifts and gates are all working too!  If you want to use these things look at the Links section above, then follow the link to "Craftbook" or ask and we'll probably explain it.  Bunch of other things working too.  But don't take my word for it.  Get on the server and see for yourself! :)

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Reply jrosene
12:07 PM on January 1, 2011 
can't wait to try out bridges. awesome.

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