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Influx and still no Hey0

Posted on December 24, 2010 at 11:28 PM

Oh hai, well, I have submitted the server and site to mcserverlist.net a few hours ago, and submitted website to the big search engines so don't be alarmed if we get a big increase in visitors over coming days and weeks. 

A server I used to admin on randomly found itself at #2 on that list and had literally dozens of new people joining over the space of a single weekend :o

This could be an interesting test for our new mods.  See if they're upto the challenge. :)

Also, we still have no news of a b132 updated release of Hey0's mod.  Officially it was supposed to be the 24th or 25th, but with Xmas who knows when we might see it.  This lack of Hey0 means we're running the vanilla server, which is essentially no frills, no plugins etc, so don't expect any commands like /home /sethome /compass /motd etc. 

However I am hoping to have Hey0 and all our favourite plugins running within minutes of knowing there's an updated server.  Keep an eye on hey0.net plus ishmodupdated.com and keep me notified of what happens please.

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