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Yo....and Doh! ....and more Golds stuff :)

Posted on December 21, 2010 at 6:48 PM

Dunno if anyone reads these, but you should.  Here's what been happening and what's coming next....

Firstly; I wanna welcome new members to the site and server :)

That's the Yo!

The Doh is the next 2 bits....

Firstly, does anyone have any ideas how to fix "disconnect.overflow" and does Notch know about it?  A few connecting people are getting this then being immediately disconnected.  Google isn't revealing a huge amount about it either.  The victims of this are only getting it on our server, nowhere else.  Also no-one else is getting it apparently.  Only thing I know about their setups is they have the same ISP.  What might fix this?  Thanks.

Second; after numerous irritations and challenges today we have a temporary server with new map up.  This is only until the 24th or 25th when hopefully there'll be a new version of Hey0's Mod released (http://www.hey0.net).  Once that is released we'll revert back to the awesome map that was developing in earnest.  The reason for this is that while we have no Hey0 we cannot offer any type of protection from griefers, as far as I know, and I won't be responsible for people's stuff being trashed.  It's just a few days.  Sadly this seems to happen everytime there's a major update of Minecraft, but what can we do?

Third; I've decided to make the original map (with the new awesome spawn etc) that we'll be going back to, available for download for your single player games.  The only stipulation I have for this is that you're a GOLD member i.e you make a donation.  This isn't because I'm greedy or anything, it's because the server needs the money.  It'll enable us to upgrade host, pay for better one, pay for better web-hosting etc and things like that.

You might build something awesome and want to have it available in single player, either when the server's down, if you got banned, if you get bored and leave, or in the unlikely event that the server ceases to exist.  Also, you could even gain a tactical advantage from it....

When the servers down, you could explore the map and get a better idea of where things are, then grab them quickly when server comes back online.  Say you see some cactuses (cacti :P) or reed or something in the distance, or you find a dungeoun, you'll know exactly where to find it once the server comes back online and grab it before someone else! 

Is this cheating?  Not really.  Anyone can get themselves Gold status. :)

Basically you'll be entitled to a copy of the map whenever I take a backup, which will be several times a day, maybe even hourly.  You just ask for it and I'll send it to you or let you download it.  You could even use the CuboidPlugin in singleplayer to try transplanting stuff you like from the map and uploading to new map, if another server owner lets you.

So there's yet ANOTHER good reason to get Gold membership.

Nothing else for now, apart from a bunch of boring technical stuff I won't bore you with and the priority list is now upto 46 things I need to do for server and site (see other blog entry) :lol:

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1 Comment

Reply Hankscorpiouk
9:05 PM on December 21, 2010 
Quick update about "disconnect.overflow" problem. Cboz came over from Siro's is having the exact same issue. But not Aldemar or Horsie who are there now.

A pattern is beginning to emerge here.....EXX, Massacr and Cboz are all from the USA......strange eh? Do you all have the same ISP? I am really at a loss to explain this. Maybe it's worth mentioning on main forums??

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