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Posted on December 20, 2010 at 6:39 AM

Am upto 39 46 distinct priorities for server and website lol.  So I'm thinking I might wanna delegate some of those 39 46 (see I wasn't exaggerating) to admins etc.

The 39 46 in semi-particular order with easy-to-delegate ones marked with a *

1) Website / screenshots / FRAPS / Forum / Delegate *

2) Cprivate and LWC chest protection

3)  TownyMod and new towns *

4) List of Rules for /rules command *

5) List of Achievments for with list of achievements ppl can obtain (e.g. first login, first block placed, first 10,000 block walked etc) *

6) Auto-promote 15 hr people from New to Regular

7) New Spawn location as default

8) Spawn area completion, plus maybe making island less square and more shapelier? *


9) iConomy - money, shop, auction, sign (and lottery?) inc. list of things to sell at shop *

10) CommandHelper plugin

11) New borders for use with BorderLands plugin - borders are a little too close to spawn for my liking - waddya think? *

12) Get SearchIds / Search plugin working  FIXED

13) Llamacraft and /ex command to extinguish nearby fires

14) Auto-backups

15) Auto-mapper / cartographer thingy

16) Promote plugin for easy in-game promotes / demotes

17) MoveCraft test - airships, UFOs etc

18) Pets - try making a wooden pickaxe, right-click with it, then say WTF :P

19) Recipes (Grass is default one, me and EXX figured out approach to gold ore, and MF has kindly suggested we add Sponge and Coloured Cloths).  Anymore we could add, and if so, what should the ingredients be? *

20) CraftBook stuff - Gates, Bridges, Lifts, IC500 Redstone / Pearlstone stuff, Readable Bookshelves.  Could do with suggestions and actual text for the readable books *

21) Stargate

22) New Ranks; golds etc.  Anymore we could have?

23) Warp!  FIXED

24) iChat

25) Server weirdness, "Can't keep up" message / allocate more memory?

26) Run server as job possibly via nhup command (thanks Enira!).  Although mixed results so far.  Need to do some research here.

27) ToDo plugin lol

28) Fix Daylight plugin - permaday is ok while we're working on spawn, but not beyond that.

29) SignCommands

30) Jail / Pink status *

31) GracefulReboot plugin

32) ClearInventory command

33) CleanInventory plugin

34) ReloadPlugin stuff

35) MOTD (Message of the Day), I wanna have loads to last quite some time.  Any ideas? *

36) mIRC (good idea Enira!)

37) Find new plugins / discredit existing choices *

38) Help me find new (or suggest existing members) to have as good, trustworthy, reasonably bright Mods.  I wanna be in position where server has at least 1 mod there 24 hours a day.  Would be ideal if we could get Horsie and Spangel over from Siro's server.  But not the general invite Hamen did last night which resulted in "To_Phat" coming over and me banning him 30 minutes later. *


40) Find out how to improve CONSOLE chat *

41) Wait for Hey0 update   DONE

42) Find out why Java keeps having nervous breakdown on server *

43) Find out why Whitelist isn't working properly *  FIXED I THINK

44) Find possible alternatives to this web-hosting company (webs.com) *

45) Making Admin "Red" brighter (thanks EXX!)  FIXED

46) Find out how to allow Copying/Pasting from/to text window - probably for Regulars and above *

PS I'm sure I've missed some stuff....remember * means you can probably help with this :)

PPS I have no chance of doing this all my self.  And if we want a truly AWESOME server, we will need to do at least the above stuff.

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