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Double-Blog!!! Part 2

Posted on January 25, 2012 at 2:25 AM




First Double Blog - Part 2


 <--- back to Part 1


Hi and welcome to the 2nd and final part of my first, and the first ever, double-blog on KMCS!




Firstly; I'd like to take this opportunity to invite more suggestions for plugins and mods.  Me and Vashal have created a thread for you to do so here.





Second; if you'd like to write a blog yourself, or have ideas for our next blog, feel free to say so :)

Anyone can do this.  Although obviously it'll need to be related to the server, or at least Minecraft.





Third; I'd like to know what everyone thinks about the website design.  Is it good?  Is it bad?  Is there room for improvement?  Does it make your eyes bleed?

Can you get around it easily enough?  Maybe you have some ideas of things that could be changed, added, removed etc?  


Also if you have "Moderator" status on the forums feel free to tidy-up a little bit.  Maybe we could add more formatting to threads, make them easier to read, more links, resurrect useful old threads and so on....perhaps some of those threads would be better off as site sections and linked to from the Navbar?  I already have Several new pages and sections in mind, but maybe you've thought of something I haven't.



Something that definately needs tidying up, and perhaps more entries is the FAQ.  At the moment I think it's not very easy to get around and it's way too much information for most people to want to take in at once, IMO.



On the subject of making the site look better, guys, cmon.....where are your avatars?  :P






Concluding this 2-part blog; I'd like to talk about VIP Upgrade-Account pricing.  If you want more commands than you'll know what to do with and don't want to wait for the possibility of promotion then you'll want this.  It'll also help with our server and site costs.  At the moment, there are 3 main VIP plans that can be purchased; Silver, Gold and Diamond, in ascending order of features.  This works on a subscription basis.  You pay for the amount of time you want the account.


At the moment the plan is for the longest subscription to be 2 years and the shortest a single week.  There will be several time-periods available inbetween.


The longer the period, the better value for money you'll get.  However, the very short periods on offer could be useful for you to determine if you really want that - a try before you buy kind of thing.


Remember, this is all to cover server costs, and any money that's left over after paying them will go into expanding the server; making it bigger and better for you all.




Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this blog.  There are many other things I could say, but that's enough for now :)


TL;DR read it you lazy bastard :P



Author:  Hankscorpiouk



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