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Double-Blog!!! Part 1

Posted on January 25, 2012 at 2:20 AM

First Double Blog - Part 1



This is the first 2-part blog I've written so far on KMCS.  This means today's blog will be followed by another one in 24 hours or less, that I've already written.  Hopefully this will be enough time to digest everything....




Onto business; first, I'm happy to report the servers ongoing stability.  Crashes are now very rare indeed.  And if you do find the server down it's most likely because I'm restarting it due to adding a new plugin.  If that happens try again in a few seconds :)






Second; A number of new plugins have been added.  You can find out which by typing /plugins


Suffice it to say, you won't be dissapointed. :)


We've added some economy stuff in the form of EssentialsEco and ChestShops, and haven't finished adding stuff yet.


With Eco you can sell almost any item to the shop.  You can send money to other players.  You can buy parcels of land for your town.  You can find the amount the server is willing to pay for items.  You can check your balance.  You can check all the balances listed from richest to poorest.  And through admin intervention you are able to buy many items from the server.  We are working to automate this process however.


It is true we still don't have auctions back.  I know how much fun they were and have not forgotten.  So very soon we'll either be adding iAuctions, AuctionHouse or something similar.  I can't promise there's currently a working auction plugin for Bukkit right now, but I can promise we'll do our best to find out and add it if it exists ;)


The other money plugin we have right now is called ChestShops.  This allows anyone to setup their own automated shops for buying and selling to other players.





Third; We also have a few new towns again and hopefully soon nations too.  Anyone is free to create a town now, you no longer need 3 people to do that and you no longer need a mod or admin to do it for you.  To get a detailed list of commands for town stuff just type /town ?

For example, if you wanted to create a town it'd look something like this, "/town new awesomeville homersimpson" etc.  With the last part being the player who gets to be mayor of it, and the first part being the town's name.



There's a lot more plugins than these however, come see for yourself (IP: kewlmcserver.com or :)


Also the list of commands is growing rapdily. 

A perhaps surprising number are available for Regulars and even brand new members, whilst others are available to donating/upgrading members or will soon be available on a "Command-Rental" basis.





Fourth; The server has now got to a stage where I believe it's ready for some more active promotion to get new members in.  Feel free to recommend the server to whoever you want and however you want.  You can even use the link above called "TAF" (Tell-a-Friend).


I think it's safe to assume the more people we have, the better the server will become-


More chance of people being here when you login.  More people joining your towns.  More chance of nations being formed.  More people to trade with.  

More people to start towns.  More awesome creations to see and explore.  More awesome videos being made and so on....


Something that might help get new people in is if you make videos of the things you make and feel proud of.  Not only that, but it'll allow your creations to live on forever in a sense....even if and when we start new maps. :)        


If you make videos you could add a message at the end, or on your Youtube pages saying something like, "Visit us at kewlmcserver.com - and mention <yourname> when visiting"

If you do this, and people mention YOUR name, then I will reward you personally with credits to use with the economy mods.  It seems only fair.


If they visit for a few minutes but don't stay, for whatever reason, I'll still reward you.  However, I will reward you with MUCH more if they stay around.  By that I mean if they stay around long enough to become Regular Members....say 15 hours, a week, or something like that.


Also it seems the more places we're mentioned (especially in a good light) and the more people who "Vote" for us in various places, the better.  So I've added a "Vote for us" thread with a link

At the moment I only know of this one place for voting, but I'm guessing there are many more.  Any ideas?







Lastly (for part 1); you may have noticed a link in the navbar above called, "Ye olde shoppe" or something?  Well....I would like to offer you the chance of DESIGNING YOUR OWN products and selling them at the shop.  


At the moment I've only done 2 designs for test purposes mainly.  You can make your own designs very easily, it's essentially just an image (JPEG etc).  


If you make a kewl design you can send it to me and I'll put it on shop attached to whatever type of product you mention.  If your design promotes the server then I will share between 60 and 80% of the proceeds with you (yes, upto EIGHTY), depending on how much the emphasis is for promoting KMCS.  If your design is for something else, and not about KMCS then I will share 40% of the proceeds with you.  Sure, you could setup your own shop to sell stuff that's not related to KMCS, and I'd encourage you to do that, however, the idea is that the KMCS shop will be more likely to get hits as it's linked from the website and connected with the server.


Hopefully, the above, if done properly, will make us some money, exercise our creative muscles AND promote the server a bit.




Anyway, if you want any further information, specifics, clarification or whatever about any of the above, let me know, either in the comments below, in the forum, by PM, or however you want lol.


I realize that not everyone is comfortable creating or posting on threads so feel free to use the "Communicate" link above if you want to communicate privately with me or another member of staff.




TL;DR- things are going very well and should continue doing so for the foreseeable future - part 2 coming up tomorrow (already written) ;)


-------> onto Part 2



Author:  Hankscorpiouk



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Reply Hankscorpiouk
8:41 AM on January 25, 2012 
Semi-update: I forgot to mention a VERY seriously awesome plugin we have now.....mcMMO. It adds a powerful role-playing element to the game. On the server write /mcc to see all the commands associated with it.

Also I've just rationalized the Navbar at the top a fair bit. Removed some items completely, hidden others as sub-menu options and added a few more pages. :)

Hopefully it's a bit easier on the eye now 8)

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