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Becoming an Admin, HelperVIP or BuilderVIP

(Please note this only applies to our Bukkit server) 


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If you are interested in being an Admin here at KMCS server, I mean really interested, or thinking about asking for it, then you need to read ALL of this CAREFULLY.  I won't discuss it in-game as I'm usually there either trying to fix something or enjoying the game.   If you ask me about it on the server I will not be impressed as everything about Admin rank (and HelperVIP + BuilderVIPs ranks) is explained here....



I'm new, can I be an admin?


Well, not right now. 

Read everything below.  Don't ask about it on server.

Your best, pretty much only, option is to become a, "HelperVIP".  

Then eventually you MIGHT get to be an admin, no promises.

Why not now?

We don't know you - Admins have some very powerful commands and are capable of causing serious problems if they so choose or if they don't know what they're doing.

It's happened before.

Also, I need Admins to, you know, actually, "Admin" for me.  There's no point of having Admins if I have to do their work for them....

This has also happened before.

Admins are meant to make my life easier and improve the server for everyone.

What if I can be trusted now?

You can't, and making a fuss about it is likely to get you permabanned.  The procedure is "HelperVIP or BuilderVIP rank first, before admin".

If you hassle me or other Admins/Mods about Admin status you get banned and are never coming back.

Perhaps JuniorMod would be better for you, in which case, feel free to apply here.

OK, how do I get "Helper or Builder status" and what does it mean?

HelperVIP and BuilderVIPs ranks are pretty much the only way to ever have a chance of becoming an admin for 99% of people.

You can get Builder status this way:

* Apply for it here, at the website.  Not on server.  The form has to be filled in here.  There's no guarantee you'll get it though - it really depends on your application.

You can get Helper status this way:

* Make such a good impression on us that we automatically decide to promote you.  Or offer you promotion - you don't have to take it.

Do Helpers and Builders get extra commands?


Which ones?

Something very similar to GreenVIPs, ArtistVIPs.  This is still a work in progress as of this writing.

As Helper or Builder can I have creative mode, or spawn stuff?

No.  Never ask again.

Creative and spawn commands like /give, /item etc, not to mention other powerful admin commands like /pex are precisely what I want to avoid giving out to new people.

But I do understand some people enjoy playing Creative-style more than Survival, so we have provided Creative worlds on the Bukkit server :)

Will you spawn stuff for me?

You need to put in a Project Application For Builder status.  That is the ONLY way.  It'd make more sense to build your project in one of the creative worlds and if we like it we'll cut and paste it where we plan to use it (be it as a spawn, jail, mobarena, etc etc)



What is a Project Application?

If you have a good idea for something you want to build, a really good idea - something that is essentially a PUBLIC building, it cannot be just for yourself - for example an additional or better spawn, a better or additional jail, somekind of tourist attraction, or whatever, and you don't want to spend forever getting the materials needed, then you put in one of these applications.

Where can I build my project?

Probably anywhere.  Possibly even within your town, if you're in one - not 100% sure yet.

How do I put in the application?

By filling in this form (under construction).

The form will ask you questions about the project you propose.  You get to sell the idea to us....make us believe in it.

It will also ask you to list ALL the materials you need.  How many of each item.  How many units.  How many stacks etc.

It doesn't need to be exact, but the closer you are, the better.

Any materials that are left over after the build need to be trashed in lava.

IMPORTANT:  Be aware that if we think you're scamming us, for example, asking for loads of diamond for your project, but diverting it to non-project uses or selling to the

server, or giving to your friends etc, using in your own projects that weren't in the application, you will be permabanned straight away - and there's also a chance we'll ban

your friends along with you.  We take cheating VERY seriously.  Don't do it.

How long will it take me to know if my application was successful?

No more than a few hours.  A few days at the absolute extreme.  Be patient.  Don't hassle.

If you're successful you immedaitely get your rank updated to BuilderVIP, with the extra commands that affords and the materials you requested for your build proposal.

What happens once my build is done?

If we like it, I'll probably throw money at you.

Server money I mean; SpiderDollars, not real money :P

What's in it for me?

You get to build stuff without having to mine, go logging etc etc.  Essentially Creative-Lite.  And as I said it's the only route to Admin.  AND as I said, you will probably

get somekind of personal reward if we like your builds.  Rewards in the form of money, materials for your own personal use, who knows....

You also get bragging rights.  We'll have a section on here where we talk about "Build of the Week/month" etc.

What about getting Helper status - i.e. you promoting?

Yeah, you don't HAVE to put in a formal application.

You may be so helpful to staff (Hank, admins and mods) that we decide to give you it automatically.  You get the extra commands, but not the materials associated with a

specific build proposal or BuilderVIP status.

How do I impress you in order to get HelperVIP status?

Find out what the current issues with the server are.  What is going wrong.  Then, find out how those things can be fixed and tell us. :)

You can find these answers with Google or better yet, go onto places like Bukkit.org and ask them on their forum for help and advice.  

Make sure you follow the rules of any other forums you go to and are polite.  Also, you don't need to mention KMCS by name, but if you want to put it in your signature on

other forums, an ad/link to us etc, that's ok.

For example, one BIG problem we're having now (as of this writing) is that monsters aren't spawning, at all.  We have monsters set to spawn in server.properties, we also have

difficulty set to 3 (hard), so we're at a loss to explain it so far.  Another example could be finding out how to improve server stability, so it crashes less often.
Another example can be to help us with the website; tell us about spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, inconsistencies, suggest improvements to pages, write those

improvements then send them to us, make graphics for us and send them to us, look for pages that are Under Construction and finish them, make the pages look prettier with

graphics, recruit lots of new members for us, make vids for us and put them on Youtube (especially ones that make the server look good) etc etc.  Bascially look at the section

labelled "Help KMCS" for a long list of things you could do.

If you impress us like this long enough, you can get Admin, and all without building a single thing :)

Who do you give preference to when deciding whether someone should get Admin?

HelperVIPs take precedence over BuilderVIPs.  But Builders do definately have a chance.

Is there really no other way to get admin?

The ONLY other way to get Admin is to PROVE you have a SUCCESSFUL track record of being an admin elsewhere.  Give us links, screenshots and perhaps videos we can check over.  What server did you admin at?  What issues did you have?  What did you learn?  What went right?  What went wrong?  What plugins do you know?  Which of them can you configure?  Do you know much about PEX/PermissionsEx?  How about Towny or mcMMO?


Of course, this probably isn't going to be appropriate for most people wanting admin.  Most people don't have that PROVEABLE TRACK-RECORD and want Admin just to get at extra

commands and creative mode, sometimes for the status.  This is understandable, but it doesn't work here.  It always ends with problems hence this approach we've taken....

Meh, I CBA with all that, but I want more commands....

Ha!  We're pretty damn generous with the commands we give out to regulars, mods, and even guests, well compared to other servers anyway, but if you want more you can always

get them by using the /buy command.  Or by visiting http://kmcs.buycraft.net

The bottom line is that Admins are supposed to be:


Nothing less.

....people who contribute to the server.  Are those a good description for you?

They understand the rules inside and out.  

They understand why we do things and appreciate it, and where they have a better idea for doing things they let us know straight away, with a clear well-thought-out case.  

They understand where everything on the website is and have read it pretty much cover to cover.  

They are meant to make the server better, in every respect.


We don't expect Admins to break their balls working for us - a few hours a week is enough, especially while there are problems to fix, and if you can't manage it one week then you can make it up another.  But basically it's about putting the server first.  

If you ever find yourself with Admin rank (or even just Mod) and we think you're seriously slacking for no valid reason; BOOM; you're likely to be banned for having wasted our time and hope.

We can't trust that brand new people are going to have these helpful personal traits, so the HelperVIP system is designed to let us get to know you over time and prove it to us - it is also a kind of training for admin. :)

If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions, complaints, whatever, about anything you have read above (or anywhere on this site) feel free as usual to click here and let us know :)

Hank and the Team at KMCS.

PS KMCS is meant to be a team-effort.  Hank can't do it all alone.  It's enough I pay all the bills, right? :P
You help us and we will reward you :)

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