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3D Project 2

3D Project 2 by Hankscorpiouk



You'll figure it out :)




* Documentation in-game (press the ? button on upper-panel - you might need to press Alt or Esc first) - you can also press the I button on your keyboard too. :)

* Please tell me about bugs or stuff I could add

* Feel free to do whatever you want, including destroying stuff, shooting at stuff, moving stuff etc :)

* If you seem unable to click on the game window above or move around within game, press Alt, then try again.

* If you die or game seems to have crashed or is laggy, feel free to try downloadable version (vers: 2c4) or just reload this page (F5)

* If you get stuck in full-screen mode press Alt+F1 to toggle back to smaller-sized window

* If you want to interact with this page press Esc to get mouse pointer back - Alt is just for getting it for HUD/GUI interactions

Protip:  Explore and have fun! =)

Protip:  Not everything has the same weight - some objects take a lot more effort to move around :)


Current "weapons":

* Cube drop

* Blue bouncy ball

* Disintegrator Harpoon

* Purple Balls of Doom 

(Protip: use scrollwheel to cycle through them - or press number keys to select them directly)

Ideas for more I could add?  Click here to tell me! :)



Future plans for this: LOTS!

Including "fix bugs" and adressing performance issues.

* More text for InfoPanel, and ability to scroll down it or move between pages

* More weapons for Player

* More camera views for Player, Cat and World

* More types of bot - wheeled, walkers, flying, armed

* Proper AI for bots

* More animations for cat

* Better-looking cat, especially the legs

* Body for player

* Somekind of "multiplayer"

* Ability to interact with bots including naming them

* More sound effects

* More buildings that can be entered and with systems that can be interacted with

* Somekind of inventory system for players and bots

* Collectible and craftable items

* Experiment with Minescraft-style voxels

* Mobile-friendly

* Improved terrain - hills, better textures/materials etc

Ideas for more I could add?  Click here to tell me! :)


Known bugs (crossed-out means resolved!):


* Broken CSS on this page

* UI controls inactive on Fullscreen

* [Not really a bug, more of a usuability oversight] Right-clicking to Jumpto starts contextual menu (adding Ctrl+RMB)

* Infopanel text not fitting properly




* Slider doesn't lose focus without a fight

* Bots sometimes forget what "forward" is

* "Weapon" prefabs not instantiating with proper rotations and generally behaving derpishly

* Sound effects sometimes stop working

* Mouse cursor now gone

* Mouse control doesn't feel right

* EEEP: Just been informed of MAJOR performance issue - I failed to take account of the fact everyone has computers of different speeds, meaning "mouselook" apparently goes batshit insane as soon as some people touch their mice.  Doh!  Should be easy to fix tho :)

* Interactive cloth flags detaching from attachment colliders



Performance issues:

* Sometimes bouncy balls will travel through solid objects -

this is for 1 of 2 possible reasons.  Either the object being hit doesn't have a collider component (easy to fix) and therefore doesn't know it's being hit or it's because the ball HAS NOT been configured to use CCD ("Continous Dynamic" collision checking).  It uses the less precise "Continous", so sometimes collisions are missed, especially considering how fast the ball travels and if hitting something fairly thin (NB: CCD added but still misbehaving).


* InfoPanel not upto-date with all the latest controls I've added


Feel free to point out any other things that seem iffy to you, be it other things not colliding properly, lag/sluggishness/unresponsive controls, or anything else :)




February 12, 2015- "2b" update

FIXED weapon prefab rotation issues

FIXED "harpoondisintegrator"'s unwillingness to fly

ADDED fly-down control

ADDED new sandbox area with light

ADDED worldspace text to spawn area

ADDED multiple sound effects for weapons

ADDED new weapon type (PurpleBallsOfDoom (™)!)

ADDED new breakyblock tower near spawn area

ADDED "Infopanel" for when you press the ? button on upper-panel

ADDED popup message area

CHANGED fix-cam button from Ctrl (left and right) to Alt (left and right)




February 13, 2015- "2c" update

FIXED broken CSS

FIXED RMB issue by making Enter the new way of instantly jumping to points on map

FIXED missing mouse cursor 

ADDED texture and material for grass

ADDED mouselook and LMB blocking when mousever HUD panels/GUI elements

ADDED fountain thing

ADDED clickable link on bottom panel

ADDED  halos to spawn lights

ADDED key control (F1) to toggle fullscreen mode

CHANGED lighting to make it look more atmospheric :P




February 13, 2015- "2c2" update

Just a quick update that I didn't consider worthy of "2d" status


CHANGED mouselook stuff, so hopefully mouse doesn't go crazy as soon as it's touched (let me know lol)

ADDED crossairs

ADDED key control (Esc) to quit (on Windows)




February 13, 2015- "2c3" update

Another quick update


CHANGED  the way you access the HUD/UI buttons - you now unlock mouse which disables mouselook and presents the mouse pointer.  Locking removes pointer again and re-enables mouselook.

CHANGED a few of the controls - middle mouse click now used for jumping to locations, holding middle button then pressing right button does same as Alt (unlocks mouse)

ADDED a few new inhabitants to the map :o)




February 14, 2015- "2c4" update

Yet another pointless minor update - I'll probably be ready to upload "2d" sometime over weekend with some major stuff :)


CHANGED  flying speed.  It's about 5x faster now and of course you can still fly faster still by holding shift while flying.  Getting anywhere before was a bit time-consuming, this makes it much more tolerable.

ADDED more cats! =)

ADDED rotator platform near spawn

ADDED "R" key control in a previous update but forgot to mention it.  R resets your position back to spawn just incase you wonder away too far and CBA flying back or incase the reset camera button isn't working.

Other: thought I better make downloadable version available (vers: 2c4) just incase performance too sucky on webplayer version




February 15, 2015- "2c5" update

Ha, still not ready for version "2d".  Anyway here are latest changes:


CHANGED crossair size (twice as wide, twice as tall)
CHANGED intensity of spawn lights. they were way too bright
CHANGED blue bouncy ball to use CCD (continous collision detection)
ADDED bulbs to spawn lights, instead of light just materializing from nowhere lol
ADDED 2 lights to rotator platform, complete with bulbs :P
ADDED key control ("L") for toggling Spawnlights
ADDED key control ("I") for toggling InfoPanel
ADDED key control ("P") for toggling popup message area (the big red (sometimes green) text in the centre of the screen)
ADDED 2 KMCS flags, but they're not behaving!
ADDED new physics toy (use < and > to control - muse be nearby to control)



February 17, 2015- "2d" update (Cats, Cameras and Sun Edition)!

Finally the "2d" version is here!  Here are latest changes:

ADDED Lots more terrain - map now several times bigger!
ADDED bike - not rideable yet, just practising modelling :)
ADDED ability to toggle the Sun on and off by pressing "F12" key
ADDED ability to change Sun's brightness by holding F12 while pressing < and >
ADDED toggle GroundedMode by pressing "g" key.  When on this makes the player subject to gravity.
ADDED ability to crudely control cat thing (the one by Bouncyroom) with arrow keys and right-shift-combo - use "Home" key to reset cat
ADDED wooden "saddle" to the giant robotic cat thing
ADDED metallic material to cat
ADDED "CatCam" and ability to toggle between it and original PlayerCam view with F1 and F2 keys
ADDED walkcycle animation for the cat with various speeds depending on precise movement it's making
ADDED ability to cycle through worldcam presets by holding down F10 and pressing < or >

Protip: At least one of the cat's paws has to be touching the ground otherwise it won't be able to move! (theoretically)

Report bug or feature request



February 17, 2015- "2d2" update

Just a quick update to "2d" version:

CHANGED world size - making it a few times bigger again!
CHANGED Fullscreen toggle from F1 to Alt-F1 (so it doesn't conflict with F1 for Player-camview!)
ADDED longass wooden bridge connecting terrain bits together!
ADDED new key control - Pressing B will now spawn bot
ADDED numeric key input (buttons 1 - 4) for weapon selection


Go to Game!







Controls (as of version "2d2"):

Getting help and information

I = Toggle In-game "InfoPanel" on and off

P = Toggle In-game popup message area on and off


Changing camera views

F1 = Player camview

F2 = Cat view

Hold F10 + < / > = Camera preset cycle


Getting around (the Player)

Enter / Return = Jump to location

W = Move player forward

S = Move player backward

A = Strafe player left

D = Strafe player right

Hold Shift = Sprint (while holding W key)  

Space = Fly upwards (or jump (coming soon!))

Ctrl = Fly downwards (or crouch (coming soon!))

R = Reset player back to spawn-area


Getting around (the giant robotic cat thingy)

Arrow keys = Move giant robotic cat around

Hold Shift + Up arrow key = Make robotic cat jump

Hold Shift + Left/Right arrow key = Make robotic cat rotate left/right on the spot


Other Player controls

Mousewheel = Cycle through weapons

Left mousebutton = Fire current weapon

G = Toggle GroundedMode on and off - this is basically just player gravity  

Keys 1 - 4 = Change weapon


Controlling environment

B = Spawn new bot at main spawn-area

L = Toggle spawn lighting on and off

Home = Reset giant cat (causes it to reappear next to the "bouncyroom" (the big red building))

F12 = Toggle Sunlight

Hold F12 + < / > = Change Sun brightness

< and > = change physics toy speed (you have to be standing near it!  You will get a popup message when you're close enough)


General app controls

Alt = Toggle / Untoggle mouse-lock (for accessing on-screen buttons) 

Alt + F1 = Toggle Fullscreen

Esc = Quit app (on Windows) 


Go to Game!




Any suggestions for stuff I could try developing or improvements to existing projects? :)

I always welcome feedback, especially constructive.

Want to collaborate with me on a project?

Click here to let me know.



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(c) 2015  Hankscorpiouk.  All Rights Reserved. 

Last updated: February 18, 2015 by Hankscorpiouk

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