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 Current Issues....

There's currently a bunch of things we're having problems with and could really use your help for.  We'll of course reward any help we get :)






 * Lack of VST logo (for the Vanilla / Snapshot / Test server)

* Lack of banners esp. Animated ones

* Lack of good, recent logos for KMCS

* Lack of buttons and logos for DonateSnapshot page

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* Lack of truly awesome, recent vids esp. Promos

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  * Lack of Helpers, especially "Writers"

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  * General Lack of Staff

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  * Lack of FoK'ers

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 * Lack of plugins specifically for- achievements, quests

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  * Handful of small Bukkit bugs-

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  * Tekkit bugs- crashing, (solved?)

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  * Apparent lack of members with Tekkit, Terrafirmacraft, BTeam experience or expertise

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  * Lack of recent Testimonials

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  * Lack of server reviews

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  * Lack of posts on our forum threads

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  * Lack of votes

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  * Lack of activity on our forums

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We'll reward again, for anyone who makes a thread so good that it's nominated by 5 people including Hank
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  * Lack of money to pay our bills - send moar monez pl0x! :P
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