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Please Help Bluesuedejeans in his fight with dangerous feminists and their police allies.

More info:  feministpolice.kewlmcserver.net

All money raised will be used to replace the electronic hardware seized by police, and possibly for future legal fees.  I get the feeling this is gonna go on for quite some time :(

Shop:  cafepress.com/helpbluesuedejeans (any ideas of things we could sell here to help raise money for BSJ?  Maybe you could upload a design for us, that'd help us a lot and we would be happy for you to be compensated for your efforts)

Please note: The direct link for this page is:  helpbsj.kewlmcserver.net

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Get your very own Server PERKS for making very small donations!

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Yes, you can donate less than $5 and we will remember it.  Remember that the minimum amount that will you get perks is $2 :)

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  2. Server costs for Q3 2013
  3. [Approx] Server Costs for Q1 2012
  4. Hank needs new wheels
  5. Hank is too poor to afford awesome $4000 PC =(
  6. Server costs for next quarter

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  • "A long, long time ago I can still remember how that server used to make me smile.... It has been years now since i first started playing minecraft, truthfully under a friend ..."
    A long long time ago
  • "I came across these servers after many hours of searching for a Tekkit server and I am so glad that I came across them, the community is friendly and strong and it must have one..."
    The server is kewl.

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