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>>>> A LOT <<<<

Posted on May 8, 2014 at 8:55 PM

Ok this is pretty much a copy of the "mailbomb" I sent yesterday to all our members to remind them of our existence :P

It's been more than 2 years since I last posted a blog here, so here goes, feel free to comment->


Update to all KMCS members:

HEY everyone, it's been a while since we last sent one of these and a LOT has changed at KMCS in that time....

>>> A LOT!* <<<





In our relentless commitment to bringing you the best Minecraft experience available anywhere, we have done the following --->






* Added new Terrafirmacraft and "Attack of the B-Team" servers, to complement our Bukkit, Tekkit,

and 14w18b snapshot servers, giving us a total of 5 servers now!



* Implemented a Whitelist on 2 of those servers to ensure only the best, most mature members join!



* We have been building like crazy!










* We've added lots of new plugins to the Bukkit server!



* We've added lots of rewards and opportunities throughout the servers and website!  Checkout our "Friends of KMCS (FoK!)" page!



* We've added lots of Ranks to give away as well as freebies!



* We've added lots of new donor perks and dramatically improved the WebStore!



* We have radically overhauled the website making it much easier and faster to get around (partly due to the addition of a "PageFooter" map to the bottom of every single page). 

The site is also less taxing on the eye, and has also additional useful and interesting content!



* We've added fun minigames to the Bukkit server and are working on more!






* We have substantially improved our Facebook group and very regularly update it!



* We have added Facebook "Like" and "Share" pages to most of our website so you can share content you find interesting and/or useful!




* Again we're recruiting for op/admins and mods!



* An elaborate system of Contests and Leaderboards is well underway!



* We have a few new promo videos (check our homepage - or Youtube channel)!



* There is now a better URL for the website (kewlmcserver.net) - we lost that unprofessional-looking "webs.com" address and replaced it with our own domain name again!



* There is now an extensive system of logically-named subdomains, meaning you can easily get to any part of the site with just 1 simple, easy-to-remember link!  And even if you've forgotten, they are so reasonably-named that you could probably guess at a valid link taking you to a page you care about!

We are also going to tie these links to commands in-game, so you are never more than a few keystrokes away from your favourite KMCS web-content!



* and we have done many, many other things and continue to ensure many exciting things are happening!!







Here's our latest video promo btw




Have a look at what other people are saying about us....and at how much has changed.

We look forward to seeing you again





*see, I wasn't kidding!

If you want to help us out right now, you can check this out



Join us today at http/kewlmcserver.net




















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